Monday, April 26, 2010

Quilt in action

Quilt from Erica
Originally uploaded by GirlKacey
Isn't it lovely? My good friend Kacey took a better picture of the New Wave quilt I sent her for her birthday. I love her photos. I say photos, because I take pictures, but she definitely takes photos.

I'm worked on two new quilt tops this weekend. I'll spend the week and next weekend finishing them off. I want to make another new wave quilt, too, but I need to pull myself away from that pattern so I don't get stuck there for too long. It's kinda hard, though, when it's such a great pattern!

Also, I need to get working on the two Raven's quilts I need to make. I ordered the official Baltimore Raven's fabric last week and now I need to find the perfect purple to go with it. I haven't decided what pattern I will use for the quilts, nor if they will be the same pattern or two separate ones. Any ideas?

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