Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wonky Pinwheels in Progress & completely non-quilt related banter...

You know what's funny? The fact that I assumed I would start this blog and talk less about quilting and more about random stuff. Like, we recently watched the Butterfly Effect 3 (who knew there where 3 of them) and it was not that good except for one this joke:

"What do you get when you cross a brown chicken and a brown cow? - Brownchicken browncooow" (said like that bad 70's porn music sound)

(This still makes me laugh out loud, btw)

Or that I really enjoyed Avatar even though I couldn't believe any of the hype and ditto about Twilight. Wow, this sounds a whole like like a movie blog right about now. You can tell what I do when I'm sewing on bindings can't you?

But I guess I always started this as a quilt outlet for me. A way to participate in the list of quilt blogs I read every-single-day. Thank goodness they all exist. They have made my journey through quilt discovery and learning a lot better since there is always someone answering a question I have, or showing me a new creation I can't wait to try myself.

ANYWAY, enough ramblings, back to the quilt-ness.

So I finished sewing together the top of the huge wonky pinwheels quilt today, created a pretty backing for it, pinned it all together then realized I didn't have enough thread to quilt it. Sigh. It was a good reason to by more thread, including clear this time, blades for my rotary blade and more ruler templates. I'll finish it next weekend.

Yesterday I went shopping with my friend Jane and picked up some pillow forms. Sean has been asking me to make pillows for weeks (months?) now. They were on sale this time (40% off!) so I bought two 18in. and two 16in. squares. I think I'll make the fronts small square patchworks for the 16in. ones and who-knows-what for the bigger ones. I'm sorta happy to work on them since I know I can finish at least two of them in one sitting.  Gotta love speedy projects right?

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Stephanie said...

Love the giant-ness of the pattern. Really great to see the fabrics. Striking colors too.